Wheel Size Matters

The hoverboard wheel size makes a massive difference in regards to whether you can ride your board indoors or outdoors. While comparing the features of a hoverboard, the general specifications remain the same, but the size of their wheels makes a big difference. We at Radboards boast a vast collection of hoverboards ranging from the Classic 6.5” to the Cruise 10” and even the RoverXL 19”. Let’s have a look at how the size of the wheels alters your ride.

Rover Off-Roader Hoverboard

A 8” hoverboard is specifically designed to roll seamlessly on off-road terrains. Whether you need to go on a short tour around the block or go on a long off-road ride, the bigger tires of a 8” hoverboard vastly impact your ride’s quality. From cement pavements to steep hills, the big inflatable tires on these hoverboards give you a smooth and bump-free ride on all terrains.

Classic 6.5-inch Hoverboards

Since the inception of hoverboards in 2013, the classic style has always been a 6.5” hoverboard. The 6.5-inch can be called a one-size-fits-all as far as hoverboards are concerned. These wheels have puncture-proof tires that are built from pure rubber and do not have a tube.

The 6.5” hoverboards having a smaller surface area are specifically built to maneuver indoors on smooth and flat surfaces. These hoverboards have a low ground clearance, which makes them not suitable for off-road rides.