Had an obsession with hoverboards, always thought they were pretty cool and finally had the finances to go for one. As I did my research looking up places where I could buy hoverboards I saw a lot of places willing to deliver the product straight to my home. The price was on the expensive side but more call me old fashioned but I really wanted to see my board before actually buying it.


I came across Radboards while searching online and was happy to see that the company was based right in Bangalore. I rung up the folks at the store and they said they’d be happy to help me out. After a bit of to and fro it was decided that I’d meet them on a weekend. On travelling to the store I was met with people who were very enthusiastic about their merchandise . I was shown the array of options they had and even got to test drive a model of each in their Experience Zone. It turned out to be really fun and easier to get the hang of than I imagined. The make of the hoverboards turned out to be really solid and the design sleek. The cherry on top though was the continuous service they provide for the hoverboards. I was shown the room in which the technical team did their work in and the transparency made me feel quite secure about going into business with Radboards.


The board I ended up purchasing was a Classic hoverboard and it works amazing over the rough terrain I end up riding through. The battery charges quite fast and it’s got good scalability. The board has been working fine for over four months now and I’ll make sure to write about the quality of maintenance when I go to them for it.


Either way I’m more than satisfied with my purchase at Radboards and would definitely recommend anyone looking for a hoverboard to go to them!